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Eccleston Joins ‘Thor: The Dark World’

According to Deadline, Christopher Eccleston ("Doctor Who") is set to play the villain not named Loki in "Thor: The Dark World." Eccleston is in...

Will ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ be Marvel’s Next Franchise?

Marvel Studios has an open release date in May 2014, following the April release of "Captain America 2". Latino Review (via Collider) reports Marvel...

First Official Photo from ‘Iron Man 3’

Marvel has released the first official photo from "Iron Man 3" with Tony Stark admiring his armored collection.

Marvel to Assemble 10-Disc ‘Avengers’ Set

Marvel Studios is bringing "The Avengers" to Blu-Ray with a sense of style by offering the film as part of what appears will be...

Marvel Movie Roundup- Casts and Budgets Grow

by Sean GerberWhile "The Dark Knight Rises" has dominated the superhero cinema news this week, Marvel Studios has been hard at work developing its...

‘The Avengers’ Sequel in Development

by Sean GerberNo surprise, but planning for a sequel to "The Avengers" is underway. There are no specific details about the project at this...

‘Avengers’ Smashes Box Office with an Estimated $200.3M Weekend!

by Sean GerberSee Thor and Captain America looking up? They're trying to see the top of the staggering pile of money they've accumulated. Marvel's...

Film Review- ‘The Avengers’

by Marcus HandlemanMarvel's The Avengers is the sixth installment in Marvel Studios' Universe of films portraying their well-known superhero properties. I wasn't too sure...

Guy Pearce Joins ‘Iron Man 3’ Cast

by Sean GerberMarvel Studios has taken another step forward in boosting the credibility of the cast for Iron Man 3 by adding Guy Pearce, according...

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