Disney CEO Bob Iger let us know when to expect original series from Marvel Studios on Disney+ during today’s quarterly earnings call. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on the streaming service this August with WandaVision to follow in December.

Adding in the Marvel Studios movies (Black Widow on May 1 and The Eternals on November 6) the MCU will have big chunks of the 2020 calendar covered. Remember that the Disney+ series will be six episodes each with new chapters dropping weekly. WandaVision will likely roll into 2021.

Disney also announced that the second season of The Mandalorian will drop in October, confirming a strategy I’ve been speculating about over on our Patreon podcasts. Disney is going to schedule the Marvel and Star Wars series in such a way to minimize the number of weeks in between new stories set in the MCU or that galaxy far, far away.

This will counteract any potential consumer strategy of subscribing part-time, only when new seasons featuring Disney’s biggest brands are running.