Tom Holland knows how to handle high-level executives, even when he’s three pints deep. The actor, who’s previously been credited for helping Disney and Sony resolve their differences to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, told his side of the story on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night.

Holland had emailed Disney CEO Bob Iger after D23 Expo in August, thanking Iger for helping to change Holland’s life in the actor’s previous five years as Spider-Man. Iger then asked Holland if the two of them could get on a call, to which Holland immediately agreed without locking down a specific time. “You don’t give Bob Iger a schedule,” Holland said.

A few days later, Holland and his family were at their local pub for trivia night when he received a call from an unknown number. Holland could reasonably guess who was trying to reach him, but he’d already enjoyed a few beers and little food. “I was like ‘I think this is Bob Iger, but I’m drunk,'” Holland recalled.

It was Holland’s dad who urged him to take the call anyway and, thankfully, it all worked out. Holland may or may not have wept on the phone with Iger, but the actor confessed he was emotional on the call. Iger told Holland a deal was still possible and their conversation was followed by several more between Disney executives, including Iger, and Sony executives, including Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman.

So there you have it. Tom Holland, while buzzed, saved Spider-Man. There’s been no word, however, on the Holland family’s performance at trivia night.

You can see Tom Holland’s full story in the video above and Iger’s side of it in the video below.