Source: Marvel Studios

The availability of Avengers: Endgame on Disney+ may not mean a whole lot if you already own a copy of the film, or so you would think. The truth, however, is that you can see more of Endgame than ever before on Disney’s freshly-launched streaming service. Marvel Studios has provided new deleted and alternate scenes that were not available on the original home release.

Thus far, six never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes from Endgame have appeared under the film’s “Extras” tab on Disney+. All six scenes are also available with commentary from directors Joe and Anthony Russo to help provide context and also explain why the footage shown did not make the final cut.

What follows is a summary of what is shown in the new material, so please do NOT read any further if you would rather discover everything for yourself on Disney+.

”Hulk and the Ancient One” is an alternate version of the scene in which Hulk and the Ancient One arrive at the conclusion that the Infinity Stones must be returned to the time and place they were taken to clip the branches on alternate timelines. This version is longer because it also includes an explanation of Endgame’s time travel rules that got moved to the “Back to the Future is a bunch of bull****” scene between Hulk, Rhodey, and Scott Lang.

”Hulk meets the Ancient One” is just like it sounds. It’s just another version of Hulk meeting the Ancient One atop the Sanctum Sanctorum. In this alternate scene and the one described above, the Ancient One is wearing a different costume than what we saw in the final cut.

”In the Trench” shows us a sequence the Russos and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have described in a number of spoiler interviews. In the middle of the final battle with Thanos’ army, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy come together for quick reunions and devise a plan to get the Infinity Stones to the Quantum Tunnel inside that “ugly brown van.”

”Tony at the Way Station” gives us a look at another deleted scene we’ve been told about, but never got to see, until now. After Tony harnesses all six Infinity Stones and snaps his fingers, he is transported to the Way Station (often described by fans as “the Soul World”), where he has a conversation with his grown-up daughter, Morgan (Katherine Langford). This is similar to Thanos chatting with Gamora after snapping his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War.

”Tony Time Suit Prep” shows Tony giving the Quantum suit one last look before testing. It also includes a little note about how at least one significant piece of the suit came from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

”Vormir Battle” shows Black Widow and Hawkeye having to fight their way through Thanos’ minions so that one of the heroes can sacrifice themselves to retrieve the Soul Stone.

In addition to the deleted scenes, there is an incredible 18-minute featurette called “Casting the MCU,” which profiles casting director Sarah Finn.

It seems fair to acknowledge that Marvel Studios held back a bit on the Avengers: Endgame home release to give Disney+ some pretty awesome exclusives. We will have to see if any of these scenes are on the bonus disc for The Infinity Saga box set when it comes out this Friday, but it looks like Disney’s streaming platform got top priority here.

Considering that all of the extras from the original home release of Endgame are on Disney+, along with a handful of new ones, it is not hard to see a future in which individual movies are not sold at all, or only as limited edition collector’s items. For now, Blu-ray and digital releases are still a Way Station on the path to Disney+, but one day, Marvel movies and all Disney releases may go straight to the streaming service once they are done in theaters.