Marvel actors are good at keeping secrets. Through years of practice, they have perfected the art of keeping spoilers away from fans, family, and the press. They are not as skilled, however, at keeping secrets from each other, or at least Chris Evans wasn’t on Avengers: Endgame.

Evans appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his new film, Knives Out. During the interview, Evans fessed up to spoiling the end of Endgame for Anthony Mackie when the latter came by the former’s place to watch a football game.

It began innocently enough. Evans just wanted to talk to Mackie about how great it was that Steve Rogers was passing the shield (and the mantle of Captain America) to Sam Wilson. The only problem was that Mackie had not yet been told about the scene or received those pages of the script!

Evans regrets potentially stealing an opportunity for Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige or someone else to break the terrific news, but Evans probably was the best person to tell Mackie. Marvel’s system of script compartmentalization resulted Evans figuratively passing the shield to Mackie before literally doing it on set.

It might have been by accident, but it was still the perfect result. Evans, meanwhile, can rest easy knowing that his days of keeping Marvel secrets are behind him, unless there’s something he’s not telling us.