Source: Marvel Studios

For the first time ever, Marvel Studios is in production on a live-action series. Stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan took over the Marvel Studios Instagram story today to confirm that cameras are indeed rolling on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Marvel Studios’ first original series for Disney+ will premiere next fall.

Mackie also shared a photo from the set on his own Twitter account.

It’s always fun to see a new MCU project start production, but this also represents the beginning of a new era. Marvel Studios has plenty of experience making movies, but this is the division’s first attempt at making a live-action series. Presumably, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige and his team have already been hard at work on What If?, the animated series coming to Disney+ in the summer of 2021.

While Marvel Studios will not have a series ready for next week’s Disney+ launch, The Walt Disney Company will lean heavily on Marvel in the streaming service’s first few years. To date, seven live-action series and one animated series have already been announced. Next up on the Marvel Studios production schedule is WandaVision. That series will reportedly go in front of cameras this month.

Source: Marvel Studios

Though Mackie and Stan shared the news today, it looks like production on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier actually started last week. Executive producer Malcolm Spellman shared his own “first-day” photo back on Halloween. He’s since switched his account to private, so you’ll have to follow him to see the post.