Source: 20th Century Fox Television | Via: TVLine

Marvel Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige and Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo are heading to Springfield! TVLine reports that three of Marvel’s biggest minds will come together on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons to save the world from, naturally, spoilers.

Here is TVLine’s description of the episode:

When Bart is mistaken for a terminally ill child and gets to see a cut of the unreleased sequel of the extremely popular Vindicator superhero movie franchise, he uses spoilers as blackmail to get what he wants. When two movie executives (played by, wink, wink, Marvel auteurs Joseph and Anthony Russo) discover Bart has seen the movie, they will stop at nothing to keep his spoiler knowledge a secret. Marvel CCO Kevin Feige also makes a cameo in the episode — titled “Bart and the Bad Guy” — as the evil alien supervillain in the film, Chinnos.

Celebrity cameos and guest spots are a time-honored tradition on The Simpsons. Feige and the Russo Brothers are worthy inclusions thanks to the massive impact they have all made on pop culture. The best part is that they will be featured in the plot, not simply dropping in to effectively say, “This is my voice,” and then leave (though Feige’s appearance as Chinnos may be brief, almost like a cameo by The Simpsons alum Stan Lee).

Source: 20th Century Fox Television | Via: TVLine

This marvelous (sorry) episode of The Simpsons will air February 23, 2020.