Source: Ryan Reynolds

Something’s almost definitely happening, unless nothing’s happening. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently visited Marvel Studios, which could mean Wade Wilson is one step closer to the MCU. It may only mean, however, that Reynolds just had a polite chat while admiring Kevin Feige’s hat collection.

Reynolds didn’t name any names in a tweet earlier today, but we know he at least met someone from Marvel Studios security!

Celebrities often visit the Marvel Studios offices. Studio chief Kevin Feige also hosts general meetings with actors and other filmmakers. That could be all Reynolds was there for, but we doubt it.

We already know Disney and Marvel Studios plan to keep Deadpool going on the big screen. They’re even open to keeping the franchise R-rated. A meeting with Reynolds was inevitable as all parties involved try to figure out how best to proceed.

The options on the table include more R-rated solo films, PG-13 solo and team-up movies, and Disney+ series. If Deadpool 3 is rated R, Disney/Marvel will probably opt to give the film a different label to let parents know to leave the kids at home. Of course, many will bring the kids anyway, then blame Disney.

MPAA ratings aside, integrating Deadpool into the MCU should be easy enough, if that is what everyone wants. All Wade Wilson has to do is break the fourth wall, as he does, and explain or simply acknowledge his new situation. More complex and creative ways of accomplishing this are also on the table.

Before worrying about how to move Deadpool into the MCU, it’s important for Marvel Studios to know how long Reynolds wants to stick around. Presumably, Reynolds only has one or two films left on his original deal with 20th Century Fox. If he wants to sign an extension, then it’s full steam ahead.

If, however, Reynolds only wants to finish his original contract, then Marvel Studios could just make another movie or two outside the MCU. Once those are done, and a respectable waiting period has elapsed, Feige and company can introduce a brand new iteration of the character, as played by a brand new actor, in the MCU.

Here’s hoping Reynolds is up for a long run as the MCU’s Deadpool.