Spider-Man: Far From Home ($1.109B) is the highest-grossing film in the history of Sony Pictures, but the studio would like a little more. The good news is that Sony is willing to give fans a little more of the movie in return.

This Labor Day weekend, beginning on the evening of Thursday, August 29, Far From Home will be back in theaters (most of which it never left) with four minutes of new footage. All we know for sure about this footage is that it’s an action sequence.

We also know, however, of one action sequence that was cut from the film, making it the likely source of the extra minutes. Remember the second trailer in which we saw Spider-Man taking out some thugs and giving the cops a hard time, plus a heads up that he was going on vacation.

It looked like a fun scene in the trailer and is worth catching on the big screen. Of course, Far From Home, new footage or not, is worth one more viewing in theaters.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter