Tom Hiddleston is about to play Loki for more onscreen hours on Disney+ than he has over the course of six feature films in the last nine years (from the production of Thor in 2010) for Marvel Studios. The actor confirmed for MTV News that Loki will indeed be six hours (presumably one hour per episode) while doing press for the Broadway run of his current play, Betrayal.

As odd as it may seem when viewing Loki’s screen time from that perspective, it’s not as though there’s any threat of audiences tiring of Hiddleston as the God of Mischief. “More Loki” has been a regular request ever since the character first appeared in Thor in 2011 and then starred in The Avengers the following year. Run time, however, was not the most interesting revelation from the interview.

Hiddleston said there would, as expected, be humor in the series. The actor found out about the series’ existence just weeks before Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters, forcing him to pretend that the subsequent publicity campaign was his farewell tour. Of course, Hiddleston was also hiding his presence in Avengers: Endgame, which was previously confirmed to be the jumping-off point for the Disney+ series with 2012 Loki having escaped with the Tesseract in an alternate timeline.

That means Loki’s redemption arc, which started in Thor: The Dark World and culminated in Infinity War, never happened. This Loki is still a bad guy or at least, “that’s where he starts,” according to Hiddleston.

“He’s in a whole other set of challenges,” Hiddleston continued. “I know this character now. I feel that the audience knows him and playing him, and playing him truthfully, but presenting him with new challenges which then I’d have to change him in different ways is the most exciting aspect of it.

“You’ve got his very specific gifts. His intelligence, his treachery, his mischief, his magic. And then seeing him come up against more formidable opponents, the like of which he has never seen or known. I wish I could tell you what happens, but I can’t.”

Guessing which characters will serve as those “more formidable opponents” is tough considering the biggest, most powerful antagonists from the comics might be saved for the major crossover movies. Then again, the Marvel canon does not have a shortage of villains that would be major physical or psychological threats.

The most interesting tease, though, is that this Loki may have a redemption arc after all. It won’t be the same as what we saw in the prime Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, obviously, but it could be a fascinating character exploration. Is redemption part of Loki’s destiny? It may be, so long as he eventually chooses that path and takes appropriate action when presented with the opportunity.

Yes, this is the same guy who just tried to take over Earth, but that guy almost changed his mind when his brother, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), tried to convince Loki to stop the Battle of New York right after it started. There is still a part of this Loki that wants to be better.

Loki will premiere exclusively on Disney+ in spring 2021. You can watch the full interview above (the Loki material begins at 13:07).