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Gemma Chan is in talks join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, again! Chan played Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel earlier this year and now she’s in talks with Marvel Studios to join The EternalsVariety is not sure whether she will reprise the role of Minn-Erva or play another role, but we expect her to take on a new character.

If you’ll recall (or be spoiled), Minn-Erva died when her ship crashed in the final battle sequence of Captain Marvel. That all went down in 1995 in the primary MCU timeline. While it’s easy for any screenwriter to reveal that Minn-Erva somehow surived the crash, it’s much more difficult to think of a meaningful connection between the character and The Eternals.

We do not know which role Chan is playing at this point, but she would be a perfect fit for Sersi. No one was officially connected to the role when Marvel Studios made its Hall H announcements last month, but we still expect the character to be in the film. She’s one of the main characters in most Eternals-related comics and even becomes an Avenger in the source material.

Chan spent all of her time in Captain Marvel covered in blue makeup. It won’t be too difficult to make her next character appear different enough in the eyes of audiences in order to avoid confusion.

If Chan appears in The Eternals, she will not be the first actor to play more than one character in Marvel Studios movies. Kenneth Choi played Howling Commando Jim Morita in Captain America: The First Avenger before playing the character’s presumed grandson and Peter Parker’s principal in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

More obscure examples for fans of MCU trivia include Damion Poitier (Thanos in The Avengers and a mercenary in Captain America: Civil War), as well as Mark Kubr (The prisoner used to fake Whiplash’s death in Iron Man 2 and “Ponytail Express” in Iron Man 3).

SOURCE: Variety