Back in February, Merchoid announced the Avengers: Endgame Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie and fans immediately went crazy for it. We were not supposed to know exactly what they were at the time, but we did, and soon the hoodies will be available so we can suit up for the Quantum Realm just like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Merchoid sent Marvel Studios News an Avengers: Endgame Advanced Tech Hoodie for review and, well, I love it. You can see how the hoodie looks on this Marvel fan below.

Let’s go ahead and get the negative notes out of the way first. The Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie does not quite capture every detail from the Quantum suits in Endgame. A couple of small features are missing, like the black bands on the red portion of the shoulders and the Avengers logo on the chest is black on the hoodie instead of silver, like we see in the movie.

These are all minor details, though, and any concerns over tiny inaccuracies quickly faded away once I put the hoodie on. This apparel absolutely captures the look and, dare I say, the spirit of Endgame‘s Quantum suits. As soon as I zipped it up, I started hearing Steve Rogers now iconic “Whatever it takes” speech in my head. I was and remain ready to go back in time and grab an Infinity Stone if called upon.

There are other Quantum suit lookalike hoodies out there and some may even have details missing from Merchoid’s offering. None of them are perfect, however, and you will be hard-pressed to find another that matches the quality of Merchoid’s Advanced Tech Hoodie.

This hoodie is built to last with high-quality fabric and stitching. I’ve included a few close-up shots to give you a better idea of just how well assembled this apparel is.

The Avengers: Endgame Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie is a definite recommend here at Marvel Studios News. It’s an outstanding product that Marvel Studios fans will be happy and proud to wear.

You can view additional photos and pre-order the Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie (as well as a matching cap) at the links below. Merchoid currently lists the hoodies as shipping in July 2019.

Avengers Advanced Tech Women’s Quantum Hoodie

Avengers: Advanced Tech Men’s Quantum Hoodie

Avengers: Advanced Tech Quantum Cap

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