Sources: Netfix, Lucasfilm

We are just over a month away from Marvel Studios, we presume, announcing at least some of its post-2019 slate at San Diego Comic-Con. Among the projects expected to be confirmed in Hall H is Shang-Chi. It would be even better if Marvel could cast the title role in time for the actor to walk out on stage with director Destin Daniel Cretton for an official introduction, and that may actually happen.

That Hashtag Show reports that Marvel Studios has a short list of actors to play Shang-Chi and Ludi Lin is on it. Lin, who starred in 2017’s Power Rangers and can currently be seen in the latest season of Black Mirror, has been a popular fan choice for the role and Marvel may agree.

That Hashtag Show cautions that Lin is not necessarily the favorite to land the role. He is one of a few actors whose names may pop up over the next few weeks. Being on the short list, however, gives him as good of a chance as one can ask for at this point.

Donnie Yen (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) is also being considered for an unidentified role in the Shang-Chi. This would be a wonderful casting coup, should Marvel Studios successfully sign Yen. Regardless of the role, Yen’s presence always provides an extra layer of gravitas to any project.

We will have to see just how much of this comes together between now and SDCC. Obviously, Marvel Studios isn’t going to rush any casting decisions and deals just for the sake of Hall H, but the studio could be further along than it may seem. Remember that casting news often bubbles to the surface weeks or even months after the process has already been underway.

SOURCE: That Hashtag Show