Source: Marvel Studios

As Marvel Studios celebrates the end of an era with Avengers: Endgame, the studio is keeping “The Man” behind it all firmly in their hearts. During a roundtable interview with Entertainment Weekly, the original six Avengers actors shared their fond memories of Stan Lee while studio boss Kevin Feige teased an upcoming tribute video that will highlight Stan’s famous cameos, including one we did not see.

“We’ve put a video together,” Feige said. “I’m not sure when we’re gonna put it out, in the home video window probably, but it is, we’ve never done this before, a behind-the-scenes of every cameo Stan did, all the B-roll that was shot and his stand-ups there.

“His passing was very emotional for all of us, but it suddenly all came back to me just last week when I watched it. It’s tremendous. It’s him outside [Walt Disney Concert Hall] the first time [in Iron Man] and the Tony Stank FedEx [in Captain America: Civil War] and the deleted cameo, the first cameo he did on The Avengers, when [Stan Lee and Chris Evans] were in the cafe outside. All of that footage.”

This sounds like a wonderful tribute and the perfect special feature to go along with the eventual home release of Avengers: Endgame. Marvel Studios honored Stan beautifully in the opening to Captain Marvel, but it’s great to know the company will continue to honor his legacy.

EW has also made Avengers: Endgame this week’s cover story. You can watch the full roundtable interview above, read the coverage here, and see all six covers released by the magazine below.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly