Hawkeye will not join Black Widow in getting his own movie, but he may have a future in streaming. Variety reports that Marvel Studios is developing a Disney+ series for Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner set to star.

The series expected to feature Clint Barton (Renner) training and passing the torch (or bow) to Kate Bishop, a young woman who is a Hawkeye in her own right in the comics. Marvel Studios, of course, had no comment on the report.

This kind of series makes a lot of sense for Clint Barton. It could be inspired, at least in part, by Matt Fraction’s very popular Hawkeye run for Marvel Comics a few years back. Setting up Kate Bishop gives Marvel Studios another member for a potential Young Avengers team.

Before long, we could see a Young Avengers roster that includes the already-established Peter Parker, Shuri, and Cassie Lang (give her a few years) alongside other characters expected to be introduced in the coming years like Bishop, Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan, and possibly Sam Alexander/Nova.

Thus far, Disney and Marvel have only announced a Loki series for Disney’s upcoming streaming platform. We could hear other official announcements as soon as tomorrow, however, as Disney is set to show off Disney+ to investors during a special meeting.

SOURCE: Variety