Marvel Studios is reaching outside the MCU for Disney+. Slashfilm reports the studio is developing a new animated series based Marvel’s famed What If comic series.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige is shepherding the project, as he’s doing for all of the shows his studio is producing for Disney’s streaming service.

True to the spirit of the comic, these What If episodes will not be canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They will be anthology stories that are purely hypothetical.

One of the comic issues reportedly being adapted is What If? Vol. 1 #47. That tale examined the possibility of Loki finding the hammer of Thor (Mjolnir).

The series will be animated, but the idea, or at least hope, is that MCU actors will lend their voices to any stories in which their characters appear.

This sounds like a really awesome idea! What If comics have always been a lot of fun and there’s plenty of creative potential to be unlocked with that format in the MCU!

SOURCE: Slashfilm