Official images and news related to Avengers: Endgame are in short supply, but Merchoid has come out of the gate strong with what could be the definitive piece of apparel from the film. Today, the company revealed its Avengers Advanced Tech Hoodies. They are awesome and they are available for pre-order!

The hoodies will be available in male and female sizes. If you want to be fully geared up, a matching cap is also available. You can see images and preorder links for all of the apparel below. Scroll down beyond the galleries and we’ll provide some mildly-spoilery context that makes the Advanced Tech Hoodie a must-have.

Avengers Advanced Tech Women’s Hoodie Preorder

Avengers: Advanced Tech Men’s Hoodie Preoder

Avengers: Advanced Tech Cap Preoder

Still here for the spoilery context?

Those who’ve followed along with leaked toy photos and promotional art from Avengers: Endgame will recognize the design of these hoodies immediately. They look very much like what fans have called the “Quantum suits,” which The Avengers will wear in Endgame.

We do not know much about these suits other than how cool they look and that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be rocking them in the film. They might even get into some epic action while wearing these. For the first time ever, it will be as if The Avengers have a team uniform and these hoodies capture it perfectly.

To be clear, Merchoid has not included any mention of Avengers: Endgame in any of the materials associated with these items. You may notice a lot of redacted information when you hit those preorder links. We know, however, what Merchoid can’t say right now. These hoodies are from Endgame.

Most of the world may not know it yet, but they really want these Avengers Advanced Tech Hoodies. They are currently scheduled to ship in May 2019, but anyone interested in them should preorder theirs now before these hoodies sell out or get placed on backorder.

For more information, please see Merchoid’s full press release below.

Power up your usual outfit: The brand new, officially licensed Avengers Advanced Tech Hoodies will be all you need to avenge those lost in The Decimation — and they’re available to order at now.

Made from a polyester sports blend (sorry, no Nanotech or Pym Particles), this hoodie combines comfort with practicality, allowing you to sprint, fight, flip and hang around to the best of your ability.

The striking colour scheme and multiple cut and sew panels take inspiration from some of the most advanced technology in the galaxy.

Available for both men and women, these hoodies are the perfect look for New York, Wakanda, the far reaches of space (or beyond…). And with sizes to suit shrunken Ant Man to Professor Hulk, you’ll get the perfect outfit no matter what your superpower is.

The whole range is available to preorder now and currently due to ship in May, so fans can order now to get way ahead of the game.