Marvel Studios' CAPTAIN MARVEL L to R: Director Ryan Fleck and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) on set. Photo: Chuck Zlotnick ©Marvel Studios 2019 (via Collider)

This is it! The marketing and publicity train for Captain Marvel is rolling and won’t stop until after the movie is in theaters. Marvel Studios shared both a behind-the-scenes featurette and a special look at the film last night. Before that, tickets went on sale and new posters were released.

Today brings the publication of reports from outlets that visited the set of Captain Marvel last year. No one spilled any of the film’s biggest twists and plot points, of course, but there are some significant revelations. Fans of the comics will be happy to see things like the Kree Supreme Intelligence and Secret Invasion were discussed.

Below is a summary of some key learnings from the set reports, sourced from Collider and Slashfilm.

The Kree Supreme Intelligence exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jude Law discussed his character’s relationship with the all-knowing, supreme leader of the Kree.

“He has a very particular relationship – and any of you who know a lot about the Krees, there’s a sort of a divine element called the Supreme Intelligence, and that comes to play in this. And each of the Starforce, indeed each of the Kree warriors, has a particular relationship with the Supreme Intelligence, and my character has a very particular relationship with Supreme Intelligence which becomes revealed and is quite complex and ultimately very revealing of what it is that motivates. I’ve kind of based him almost on a sort of, not religious fanatic, but he’s got a kind of divine sense of purpose because of his relationship with this greater being.”

Marvel Studios | via: Slashfilm

The famous Marvel comic book event Secret Invasion is not the focus of the film, nor is Captain Marvel overtly setting up the MCU version of that story. There are Skrulls in the film, however, so executive producer Jonathan Schwartz vaguely acknowledged seeds being planted.

“Yes, we talked about Secret Invasion. I wouldn’t go into this movie saying, ‘Which one of these superheroes is a Skrull?’ Because Carol is more or less the first superhero to show up on Earth. But are we planting seeds for future movies? Always.”

The movie starts in the middle of the Kree-Skrull War. It’s a backdrop to the story, but not the main focus of the plot, according to Schwartz.

“The movie starts with the Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) character already in outer space, already having superpowers and already fighting on the side of the Kree in the Kree-Skrull war. You get a glimpse of her squad there, star force, led by the Jude Law character. Very quickly along this journey they get dispatched on a mission to an alien planet to fight the skrulls and over the course of that mission, Brie Larson’s character is captured by the Skrulls and then over the course of that adventure she finds herself on Earth, crashing through the roof of a Blockbuster video because it’s the ’90s. And that puts her in contact with the younger, two eyed version of Agent Fury and the two of them together have to stop the skrull plot on Earth. And at the same time get to the root of Carol’s past.”

Schwartz discussed how much of the movie is in space compared to Earth.

“In terms of Earth versus Space. It’s more or less 50 50. The movie starts in space gets to Earth relatively quickly and it goes back to space for kind of some of the third act. So it’s kind of space Earth space. There is a big Earth plot that ends up tying into a lot of our more cosmic goings on.”

Monica Rambeau is introduced in Captain Marvel as the young daughter of Carol’s best friend, Maria (Lashana Lynch). Schwartz expressed hope of seeing Monica in the present-day MCU (as Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s.

“I hope there’s more story to tell with Monica, certainly the movie leaves it open for that stuff. I think one of the things that was really fun about the stories that came together and the Monica relationship and the Maria relationship with Carol was being able to tell this story of female friendship, and intergenerational female friendships.”

There are plenty of other fascinating things to learn about Captain Marvel, so be sure to check out the links below for more!

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SOURCES: Collider | Slashfilm