Hasbro has announced retailer exclusive Marvel Legends figures from Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers will be in binary form for the Walmart exclusive and wear her Starforce suit in a Target exclusive. Both figures are set to arrive in their respective store chains next month.

Carol’s (Brie Larson) binary form is when she’s at her most powerful. Carol Danvers once had the superhero identity of Binary in the comics, but now the phrase refers to her essentially going nuclear/cosmic with her powers as Captain Marvel. You’ve already seen some of this in the second trailer for the film.

The Starforce suit is the green costume that we’ve seen in both trailers and numerous photos. This is her Kree military uniform and most likely what she’ll be wearing when we first see Danvers in the film.

You can see both figures in the gallery above and more of Hasbro’s Captain Marvel line here.