Source: Marvel Studios

Scott Derrickson will return to take Doctor Strange from being a Master of the Mystic Arts to being the Sorcerer Supreme. The director is set to return for the sequel, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The deal came together quietly, as Marvel Studios still isn’t announcing any plans past 2019.

Marvel and Derrickson will now search for a writer to pen the script. Derrickson will probably doing some of the writing himself. Marvel reportedly hopes to have the script completed in 2019 so that production can begin in the first half of 2020.

Based on that timeline, Marvel Studios could be eyeing a May 7, 2021 release date for Doctor Strange 2. Effectively, that is a promotion for the franchise. Marvel usually gives its May release date to its biggest film of the year. The first Doctor Strange earned $677.7M worldwide. The second could earn considerably after star Benedict Cumberbatch’s popular turn in Avengers: Infinity War.

Source: Marvel Studios

Despite the release date, Doctor Strange 2 probably won’t be Marvel’s biggest movie in 2021. That likely be a sequel to Black Panther, for which director Ryan Coogler is returning. If Doctor Strange 2 is in May, then Black Panther 2 will most likely arrive on February 12, 2021.

All of this news is subject to change until Marvel Studios makes an official announcement, but it looks like we have the first five films dated after Avengers: Endgame.

  1. Spider-Man: Far From Home – July 5, 2019
  2. Black Widow – May 1, 2020
  3. The Eternals – November 6, 2020
  4. Black Panther 2 – February 12, 2021
  5. Doctor Strange 2 – May 7, 2021

Marvel Studios has one more release date in 2021, which falls on November 5. Marvel is reportedly fast-tracking Shang-Chi and that could take the last 2021 slot. November has been (Doctor Strange) and will be (The Eternals) a landing spot for new franchises.

If Shang-Chi is held for one of Marvel’s three 2022 release dates (February 18, May 6, July 29), then it’s anyone’s guess as to what rounds out 2021. Given that Marvel could already be releasing two sequels in 2021, I’d still bet on a new franchise. If not Shang-Chi, then perhaps Nova, which has immediate potential in the MCU according to studio boss Kevin Feige.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter