Captain Marvel merchandise will be all over store shelves in the months ahead. We have already seen what Funko is cooking up and now we have Hasbro’s full line from Marvel Studios’ next offering. Hasbro is giving you plenty of options as you try to choose the plastic version of Carol Danvers that’s right for you (or just buy them all).

Hasbro’s signature Marvel Legends line will include two versions of Captain Marvel (one comes with an alternate head mold with her red helmet), Nick Fury, Starforce Commander, and the Skrull antagonist Talos. Goose the Flerken cat also makes two appearances, being paired with one of the Captain Marvel figures and the Nick Fury.

Captain Marvel is also getting a doll line from Hasbro. This includes the Photon Power FX electronic doll, a Captain Marvel doll that comes with Goose, a Captain Marvel Starforce doll with helmet, and a Cosmic Captain Marvel doll.

Hasbro has also announced a Photon Power FX glove from the film.

All of these items look really cool! I can’t wait to get my hands on a few (or yes, all) of them soon!