Marvel Studios

Black Panther is already enjoying a successful run through awards season. The American Film Institute has named the Ryan Coogler-directed picture one of the year’s 10 most outstanding films. Black Panther is the first Marvel Studios movie to receive this honor since Iron Man in 2008.

Black Panther will be honored at the AFI Awards next month. This is the second major “best” list on which the film has appeared. The National Board of Review also listed Black Panther among its top selections.

Marvel Studios is picking up the momentum it needs to fuel what the studio hopes will be a successful Oscar® campaign for Black Panther. There is plenty of support for the film around Hollywood, but movies based on superheroes always face an uphill climb for Oscar® recognition outside of visual effects and a limited number of other categories.

There is still a long way to go in this awards season, but Black Panther couldn’t ask for a better start than this.