We learned Marvel Studios was producing a Scarlet Witch limited series for Disney+ a couple of months ago. Then we found out Vision could play a significant role or even co-headline the series. Now, a new report suggests Vision and the Scarlet Witch will be on Disney+ in 2019!

In an article about the upcoming boom of female-led superhero projects, Deadline mentions that Vision and the Scarlet Witch will be on Disney+ next year. This comes as a bit of surprise considering that Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to officially announce this series.

The only Marvel Studios limited series to be officially announced for Disney+ is Loki. That series will star Tom Hiddleston.

Thus far, we have not heard about any Marvel Studios limited series being in production. Disney+ launches in late 2019. Any series hoping to be ready in time for or soon after that launch will need to go in front of cameras soon.

We are likely going to see a Marvel Studios limited series with Paul Bettany’s Vision and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch. I just don’t know if we will see it in 2019. If we are, then perhaps we will see an official announcement from Marvel Studios soon.

SOURCE: Deadline