Marvel Comics

Joe and Anthony Russo are hard at work finishing their fourth Marvel Studios movie in six years. As you can imagine, they’re ready for a well-earned break from superhero movies. There is, however, one project that can bring them back.

During a Q&A hosted by Collider‘s Steve Weintraub, the Avengers 4 directors were asked if the impending Disney-Fox deal has changed their mind about taking a superhero sabbatical. “Not until they’re ready to make Secret Wars,” responded Joe Russo in reference to the 1984-85 Marvel Comics storyline.

Secret Wars was a 12-issue series that was conceived, at least in part, to help support a Kenner toyline of the same name. Regardless of its promotional roots, the story is considered a Marvel Comics classic. It involves a being known as the Beyonder, who transports many of Marvel’s heroes and villains to Battleworld to wage war against each other.

The story involves several Avengers, along with the Fantastic Four and X-Men. As you know, Marvel Studios is picking up the FF and mutants in the Disney-Fox deal, which means a cinematic adaptation of Secret Wars is finally possible.

“It’s incredible,” Joe continued when asked specifically about pairing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. “We’re fans as well. We grew up reading these comic books. Secret Wars was a prized possession of mine as a kid so it’s amazing to think that all these characters are coming home to one place and it’s going to be fascinating to see how [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Feige] engineers a future that involves all of these characters.”

Hugh Jackman insists that his days as Wolverine are behind him, but Marvel Studios will most likely reboot the X-Men in the MCU anyway. The bigger challenge in adapting Secret Wars might be Spider-Man.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have been sharing Spidey for the past few years, but their current deal ends with next year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. There could already be an extension in place that just hasn’t been announced yet, but even if there is one, it may only be short-term (as these deals between Marvel and Sony have been thus far).

If Sony continues to have more success stories like Venom without the aid of Marvel Studios, the studio could pull Spider-Man from the MCU, leaving the character unavailable to play a role in a Secret Wars adaptation.

SOURCE: Collider