Disney’s The Lion King dropped a teaser trailer on Thursday (Thanksgiving in the U.S.) and the timing proved to be perfect. The trailer was viewed 224.6 million times globally in its first 24 hours. The Lion King came very close to breaking the record Avengers: Infinity War set last November with 230 million views of its first trailer.

As the company notes, The Lion King has set a record for Disney movies. That’s shorthand for Disney-proper movies produced by The Walt Disney Studios. Like The Lion King, Avengers: Infinity War was distributed by Disney, but was produced by Marvel Studios.

Technicalities aside, this is a massive debut that bodes well for The Lion King’s financial performance next summer. Trailer views do not always result in box office records, but they did in the case of Infinity War. That film set new marks for the best domestic ($257.7M) and worldwide ($640.5M) opening weekend in history.

Time will tell if The Lion King will challenge Infinity War’s opening weekend (or Avengers 4 if that sets a new record), but it doesn’t matter all that much. Disney’s continued box office dominance is assured. Best of luck to everyone else.