Marvel Comics

As Venom continues its assault on the worldwide box office, Sony is preparing to build on the film’s success. Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters will deliver two films in 2020. The first will arrive on July 10, followed by another on October 2.

Morbius, which star Jared Leto teased is about to start filming, is likely the July release. A Venom sequel is the most obvious guess for October 2, 2020.

While not part of the SUMC, the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has wowed critics who’ve been sharing strong reactions on social media. If audiences are equally enthusiastic, perhaps a live-action Miles Morales can play in the SUMC.

Regardless of what happens with Into the Spider-Verse, 2020 is going to be a big year for Sony. Venom is a box office behemoth, but the studio has been relatively quiet about its success and has not officially announced a sequel. It is possible that Sony’s silence is the result of the studio not knowing exactly how it wants to proceed.

Sony has a lot to figure out while determining how/when/if to go “all-in” on the SUMC by green-lighting more films and perhaps pulling Spider-Man over from the MCU. In a couple of years, Sony will have a much better sense of whether or not it has a true universe to play with or just one franchise.

SOURCE: Variety