Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 remains on indefinite hold after director James Gunn was fired in July. Marvel Studios has to figure out where the franchise goes from here and which director will be at the helm. A leading candidate may have emerged.

DisInsider is hearing from sources that Bumblebee director Travis Knight is being eyed as a potential director for GotG Vol. 3. We know Knight is on Marvel’s radar given that he was one of the finalists to direct The Eternals before the job eventually went to Chloé Zhao.

Marvel has a history of turning directorial bridesmaids into brides. Zhao was up for Black Widow (which went to Cate Shortland) before landing The Eternals gig. Peyton Reed was on Marvel’s list for the first Guardians of the Galaxy before eventually directing the Ant-Man franchise.

When last I heard, GotG Vol. 3 was still rudderless, but things can change quickly. If Marvel Studios really likes Knight and he really likes James Gunn’s script, Guardians could end up back on the production schedule sooner than later.

This all still sounds very preliminary, though, so keep a little caution in your optimism.

SOURCE: DisInsider