Marvel Studios | Andy Park

Visual development has been a key building block in Marvel Studios’ decade-long success. Brilliant concept artists have been instrumental in adapting classic comic characters to the big screen where they’ve been enjoyed by audiences all around the world.

In recognition of the Visual Development team, Marvel Studios has selected ten favorite pieces of concept art from the past decade. Marvel shared the selections on Twitter and you can see them in high-resolution via the gallery below.

There are undoubtedly several more images Marvel Studios could have chosen, as their favorites list probably isn’t limited to ten. These selections were not described as a “Top 10,” which was wise. Picking a “Top 10” would be nearly impossible.

These images and more are available in the “Art of” books for the various Marvel films. I’ve got the whole collection and they are worth every penny. The Marvel Studios Visual Development team is an extraordinary group of artists and it’s easy to see how their work has contributed to the studio’s incredible run.

What are some of your favorite pieces of Marvel Studios concept art? Let me know in the comments!