Source: Marvel Comics

We know Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) is the villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home, or at least one of the villains. We’ve seen set photos that confirm the character will have most of his classic costume from the comics. There is one key element that’s been missing, however, but now there is hope thanks to a Dr. Pepper can.

Dr. Pepper is planning to launch a new “Dark Berry” flavor with packaging that will include imagery from the Spider-Man sequel. In an image from @CandyKingsUK on Instagram, we can see a silhouette holding the place for a “Major Movie Character” on the Dr. Pepper can.

That certainly looks like Mysterio and the spherical head is a match for the character’s iconic “fishbowl” mask/helmet from the source material. It’s an exciting hint at what the character might look like in the movie, but it should not be taken as confirmation.

It is possible that the promotional team at Dr. Pepper is just using Mysterio’s comic book design for this placeholder while they wait to see what Marvel Studios has done with the character. Hopefully, however, this outline ultimately proves to have been inspired by what Jake Gyllenhaal wears in the film.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters July 5, 2019.