Source: Marvel Studios

The following article contains potential spoilers for Avengers 4, or does it?

It probably does.

Don’t you just hate it when people think exactly what you said is exactly what you mean? Frank Grillo sure does. As a result, the actor who played Brock Rumlow/Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War has just fake news’d himself.

Days after telling the UFC Unflitered podcast, “[Crossbones] makes an appearance in the next Avengers movie, but it’s a flashback,” Grillo is now walking those comments back. His tone suggests this whole story is everyone’s fault but his.

“#fakenews. In the course of a day, I get asked 1,000 questions about a character I played for 8 minutes,” Grillo said on his Instagram. “I’ve confirmed nothing. But sometimes I have fun [with] people who ask. #moveon.”

Grillo gave no indication that he was kidding when he told UFC Unfiltered that Crossbones appears in Avengers 4. He even rationalized his bean-spilling by telling the hosts, “I’m allowed to say whatever I want because I’m never doing another Marvel movie.”

We can only guess as to why Grillo is singing a different tune today. Perhaps Marvel Studios, Disney, or Grillo’s own representation reminded the actor that even though he has no plans to work for Marvel in the future, the non-disclosure agreement that he likely signed is still binding.

It’s fine if Grillo wants try and spin his own comments, but he only has himself to blame for the existence of this story.

Avengers 4, with or without Frank Grillo, is currently scheduled for release on May 3, 2019.