Marvel Studios’ relationship status with Namor has always been marked “it’s complicated.” The studio has never been clear on exactly where things stand with the Sub-Mariner, but now Kevin Feige says the character can indeed join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Marvel Studios boss confirmed Namor’s MCU eligibility after an awards screening for Black Panther last night. Though Feige said Namor can appear in the MCU, he would not confirm when or even if that’ll ever happen.

Last we heard, the rights to Namor were at Universal, which potentially puts the character in a similar situation as the Hulk. Marvel Studios can make Hulk movies, but Universal has the distribution rights, meaning Universal gets the profits from the movie instead of Disney.

If that’s the case for Namor, we will not see solo movies for the character, but like the Hulk, he would be free to appear in other movies. That’s just fine, however, as fans will be happy to see the character pop up in movies featuring the Fantastic Four, Avengers, or Black Panther.

The bigger issue might be timing. Warner Bros. has a very Namor-esque Aquaman right now and Marvel Studios isn’t going to want to do anything that looks or feels repetitive to audiences. They’ll want to make sure they have something ready for Namor that will clearly separate the character from anything else in the genre.

SOURCE: Erick Weber (Twitter)