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Brock Rumlow is still dead. We will, however, see his Crossbones alter ego in Avengers 4, according to the actor who plays him. Frank Grillo, possibly in violation of a non-disclosure agreement, shared the news.

“He makes an appearance in the next Avengers movie, but it’s a flashback,” Grillo says on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. “And I’m allowed to say whatever I want because I’m never doing another Marvel movie.”

Grillo may not be correct on that last part. If he signed a non-disclosure agreement, it would still be binding regardless of whether or not he makes another Marvel movie (or appears in a limited series). Marvel Studios and Disney could go after him, but they probably won’t.

Grillo did not mention whether or not he actually filmed anything for Avengers 4, or if Marvel will simply use old footage of his character from Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Captain America: Civil War. Even if Grillo didn’t film anything new, he would know about his character’s appearance in Avengers 4 since he’d have to be paid for it.

Time travel and flashback rumors have swirled around Avengers 4. There have been set photos from major moments in previous Marvel movies and actors sharing photos of themselves in costumes they’ve worn in other films.

Crossbones, not Rumlow, was the subject of conversation here, so that would mean we will revisit the opening battle in Lagos from Civil War. Of course, there’s still a chance Grillo was referring to a flashback from The Winter Soldier.

Of course, Avengers 4 is still being edited right now, so there’s no guarantee what we’ll see Crossbones. Whatever sequence he’s a part of could still end up on the cutting room floor, but obviously, a lot of fans would be very happy to catch one last glimpse of Rumlow.

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