Avengers 4 was wrapped, again! The 22nd Marvel Studios film, which completed its main leg of production at the beginning of this year, has now wrapped all additional photography. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo shared the news via their social media accounts on Friday night.

The Russo Brothers had more than just a wrap notice to share, however, as they also offered a new image. In true Russo Brothers fashion, it will take a bit of work by fans to figure out exactly what they’ve shown us.

The big takeaway here requires no deciphering. The last Avengers film in this current era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shot its last shot. It’s a major milestone to consider when you remember that this is film 22, which will come out 11 years after Iron Man got the whole party stated in May 2008.

A journey is nearing its end and there will be more milestones along the way, but this one is rather significant and worthy of a moment of reflection from each MCU fan.

Avengers 4 is currently scheduled for release on May 3, 2019.