Sony Pictures’ Venom heads to theaters this weekend to launch what the studio hopes will be an entire universe of films. Time will tell if Sony will succeed, but Hasbro has found their own success with a Marvel Legends line dedicated to the iconic Spider-Man villain and other related symbiotes.

The Venom wave of Marvel Legends figures includes Venom (obviously), Carnage, Spider-Ham, Scream, Typhoid Mary, and Poison. Collecting all six will net you a Monster Venom Build-A-Figure. You can see them all in the gallery below, followed by a review of each figure.

All of these figures are based on comic book iterations of the characters. There is nothing here directly based on the Venom movie or Typhoid Mary’s live-action appearance on season two of Iron Fist on Netflix.

The Venom figure sports a slick, classic design. This is more of the lean and mean look Venom had when he was first introduced and I absolutely love it. This is an essential piece in any Venom action figure collection. The same goes for Carnage, which is classic in its own right and has a really great Cletus Kasady head sculpt.

Spider-Ham is the breakout star of the latest Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer. This figure should be in unexpectedly high demand as a result. It’s a really fun piece and a nice inclusion in the set.

Scream has been ripped right from the pages of Venom: Lethal Protector and is sure to delight 1990s comic fans. Scream is also great for anyone who loves cool Marvel action figures and the same goes for Typhoid Mary. Poison doesn’t quite measure up to the rest of this set, but he’s decent enough if you want Monster Venom (and you will).

Monster Venom is an impressive Build-A-Figure that also feels like a “must” for any collection of plastic symbiotes. This is a big, imposing figure that pairs well with the base Venom figure to give the set different sides of the character.

This set may not “wow” those looking exclusively for movie figures, but comic fans and many other collectors are sure to enjoy this set. We are Venom!