The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding. Variety reports that the Disney streaming service will offer exclusive, limited series on MCU characters like Loki and Scarlet Witch. Other Marvel characters who are unlikely to get their own standalone films may also get limited series.

It’s important to note that these are not part of the crop of Marvel Television shows. The actors who play these characters in the movies will be reprising their respective roles for these limited series. Marvel Studios is producing the shows, not Marvel Television, with studio chief Kevin Feige overseeing development and production.

The limited series are rumored to have relatively large budgets and will range from six to eight episodes per series.

This is big, awesome news! Marvel Studios fans, myself included, will be thrilled to see exclusive content on the Disney streaming service that is genuinely part of the MCU canon.

Limited series are definitely the right approach. It would be too time-consuming for Marvel Studios to produce full seasons of television, especially when you consider each show likely running for multiple seasons.

Disney and Marvel had no comment on this story, but we should hear all about this once Disney starts making formal announcements about their streaming service, which is set to launch late next year.

SOURCE: Variety