Do you “like” Marvel’s The Defenders on Facebook? You don’t anymore!

Now, you like NX on Netflix, the streaming giant’s new home for geek genre entertainment. Netflix rebranded the Facebook page for Marvel’s The Defenders a couple hours ago. You may see something in your notifications like the message I received (set in the image above).

Netflix setting up a one-stop shop for our nerdy pursuits sounds exciting, but this also suggests the company no longer has any need for a page dedicated to The Defenders. The odds of a second season for the street-level superhero team-up series were already low, but this could be taken as confirmation that it won’t happen.

Marvel Television and Netflix are still making new seasons of the individual heroes where smaller team-ups can still occur. I’ve been wondering, however, just how much longer that will continue to be the case.

Marvel has already commented on the unlikelihood of creating any new series for Netflix. Right now, Marvel is content to let the currently-running shows last for as long as it makes sense to keep them going. The future, though, is all about Disney’s own streaming service, launching in 2019.

Once Disney’s streaming service is available, Netflix becomes a competitor. At that point, it doesn’t make sense to supply a competitor with exclusive content. Disney will start pulling their movies from Netflix at the end of this year and that may just be the first step.

The next step could be wrapping up Marvel’s partnership with Netflix once all current contractual obligations are satisfied. Mature-rated series may not be a great fit for the Disney streaming service, but once the Disney-Fox deal closes, the Mouse will own a majority share of Hulu.

Hulu may well end up being the home of what might have otherwise been “Phase 2” of Marvel on Netflix.

I guess you can’t blame Netflix for wanting to give themselves a head start on marketing NX. They have to make use of Marvel being a part of it, while they still can.