Being cast in a superhero movie is a big deal. That goes double when joining the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Strong emotional reactions to hearing the news are expected, but Lashana Lynch’s hilarious and heartfelt response to landing the role of Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel is the greatest ever.

“I heard ‘congratulations’ and literally just dropped on the ground, crying in sobs of tears,” Lynch tells Entertainment Weekly, having heard the news while she was out to dinner. “My friends were filming me, just jumping up and down.” All of that sheer joy then gave way to the common human need of running an errand.

“I saw CVS and I went, ‘Guys, I need to get face wipes,’” Lynch remembers. “And [my friends] were like, ‘What?’ And I was like, ‘I need face wipes and I need bin liners. I need trash bags.’ So we went into CVS, and I was like, ‘So, there’s buy-one-get-one-free and there’s a single pack, and I don’t know which one to get….’ And my friend was hitting me, like, ‘Did you just get a freaking life-changing call, just now?! Like, get it together! Get the face wipes, and let’s go have a drink!’”

The role of Maria Rambeau means a lot to Lynch and she’s well aware of what the character can mean to many others. “I, especially after watching Black Panther, want to keep the black community in a place where they trust that every single African-American character in the Marvel universe is going to be represented positively, is going to be represented accurately, and is going to have a real through-line that the black community or people of color will be proud of.”

Rambeau is an Air Force pilot and a single mother to a daughter named Monica, a character who grows up to be a superhero in Marvel Comics and will likely do the same in the movies. To prepare for the role of Maria, Lynch shadowed real-life Air Force pilots, particularly mothers who serve.

From putting on a flight suit correctly to the balance of military and motherly duties, Lynch is aiming for authenticity. “I want Maria to be upstanding. I want her to have a voice, I want people to understand her and relate to her, and I want mothers to be proud that there’s a single mother in the MCU.”

I know. The MCU already has a pretty famous single mother in May Parker (Marisa Tomei), but that doesn’t reduce the potential impact Lynch’s Rambeau can have on the audience at all.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly