Thor: The Dark World is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s low-hanging fruit. It’s the easiest film to pick on, surpassing Iron Man 2 in that regard. Even Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, has taken a shot at it.

In a new interview with GQ, Hemsworth expressed his remaining pride in the first Thor but was blunt about its sequel.

That newfound recognition—that mistakes aren’t always fatal and first impressions aren’t always final—was useful as Hemsworth helped push the Thor trilogy forward in Thor: Ragnarok. “The first one is good, the second one is meh,” Hemsworth says. “What masculinity was, the classic archetype—it just all starts to feel very familiar. I was so aware that we were right on the edge.” Where in the first two films he played his hero character straight, in the third iteration he injected more humanity and created a character truer to his own spirit.

I like Thor: The Dark World but understand and agree with its eternal place at the bottom of the MCU. Thankfully, Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi turned the franchise around with Thor: Ragnarok. It also helps that the God of Thunder had another impressive showing immediately after in Avengers: Infinity War.

Aside from some additional photography, Hemsworth is all done with his Marvel Studios contract after Avengers 4. He has said on multiple occasions, however, that he will return for a fourth Thor if he (and Waititi) can find the right story.