Source: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios is hoping to convince Disney to keep James Gunn involved in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Deadline reports that Marvel Studios is not trying to clash with their parent company, but they are trying to keep the topic open for discussion.

There is a contingent within Marvel Studios, which apparently includes studio president Kevin Feige, that is trying to reach some sort of compromise with Disney. Last week’s open letter from the Guardians cast is said to be a factor in this latest round of discussions.

Disney and Gunn have been in negotiations over his exit since he was under contract for GotG Vol. 3. Disney wants to keep Gunn’s script for the film and there are some who believe the studio is still interested in working with him on GotG Vol. 3, or a future Marvel movie.

If Disney has any desire to work with Gunn in the future, they would be best served to let the future just be now. GotG Vol. 3 needs him in order for that film to be the best it can be, and also arrive in theaters on time for its presumed May 1, 2020 release date.

It is pretty clear at this point that Disney would receive a lot of support for a decision to reinstate Gunn and minimal backlash in the court of public opinion. Hopefully, Marvel Studios can get through to Disney before the exit negotiations are concluded and Gunn is quickly snatched up by another studio.

SOURCE: Deadline