Captain Marvel did not have an official presence at San Diego Comic-Con. There wasn’t so much as a photo or new concept art released from the film. Thankfully, however, we have a little bit of Captain Marvel news coming out of the convention, courtesy of one of the film’s stars.

Jude Law, who would not confirm or deny that he is playing Mar-Vell in the movie (he is), was singing the praises of Brie Larson to Entertainment Weekly. As you know, Larson stars in the film as Carol Danvers, better known as the titular superhero. Law was very impressed by the Oscar®-winner’s work on set.

“Brie Larson has approached it with incredible dedication and devotion. She really turned out a wonderful performance — fun and feisty and smart. I think she’s going to be absolutely magnificent.”

I don’t know if anyone’s really doubted Larson would do anything less, but it’s still great to hear this from one of her costars. Marvel Studios has big plans for Carol Danvers with Larson’s performance in Captain Marvel propelling the character right into Avengers 4 and beyond.

Captain Marvel is in theaters March 8, 2019.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly