Source: Marvel Studios

Disney may be done with James Gunn, but fans, family, and friends are not. They are rallying around the former Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director. They are now petitioning Disney to reverse their previous decision and rehire the filmmaker.

A petition has been started and already has over 90,000 signatures. Fans make petitions like these all the time, but what’s different about this situation is that celebrities and others who work in the industry are supporting it.

Gunn was fired on Friday after offensive tweets from several years ago resurfaced Friday night. Gunn has apologized for the tweets, which contained jokes about rape and pedophilia, and accepted Disney’s decision.

Many, however, believe Disney reacted too harshly and fell prey to a targeted attempt by the disingenuous alt-right to discredit Gunn because the director has been very critical of President Trump on social media.

As Dave Bautista noted, this issue is far more complex than the fate of one movie and Disney’s actions, while understandable, could also set a frightening precedent.