Marvel Studios has done a pretty good job keeping things under wraps for Avengers 4. Fans know very little in terms of what to expect from the film, but a few revelations are inevitable. New promotional art has emerged online showing updated costumes for some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, an added teammate, and the latest look at Thanos.

There really isn’t very much in the images that could be considered a spoiler, but they inspire some speculative thoughts that could lead us into that territory. With that in mind, I’ll throw out a spoiler warning before revealing the images.







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The first images shows the surviving heroes from Avengers: Infinity War all together, along with Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel. None of this comes as a surprise, as Captain Marvel was already teased in Infinity War‘s post-credits scene (after being confirmed for Avengers 4 by directors Joe and Anthony Russo). We’ve also known about Hawkeye and Ant-Man joining the fray.

The updated looks for the heroes are very interesting. Black Widow’s hair is red again, Captain America shaved off that beard, War Marchine has bulky yet somehow sleek new armor, Hawkeye is wearing all black, and Bruce Banner is now the Hulk and has his shirt on.

The look on Hulk’s face is the most revealing element of this artwork. He’s ready to fight, but relatively calm and does not not appear to be enraged. I think we’re seeing the “Smart Hulk” or “Professor Hulk” that was introduced in The Incredible Hulk #377 in 1991. As we’ve speculated on the Marvel Studios News podcast, it appears we will see a merger between Banner’s personality and the Hulk’s, resulting in the former’s intelligence being combined with the latter’s strength.

Thanos’ armor looks fairly similar to what he took off in the first scene of Infinity War. The differences are mostly small, except for the fact that this time he has a complete Infinity Gauntlet to go with it. What we do not see, however, is the damage that was done to the Gauntlet and Thanos’ left arm by “The Snap.” Perhaps he’s used the Infinity Stones to fix all of that.

It is possible, of course, that this promotional art does not capture every detail that will ultimately be included in Avengers 4. There is also a chance that the Thanos portion of the promo art could be outdated, as the weapon he wields and armor he wears look a lot like a toy that was already released for Infinity War.

These images offer some nice clues, but they are not necessarily confirmation of any final designs.

Avengers 4 is in theaters May 3, 2019.