Avengers: Infinity War is now the eighth film to earn over $600 million at the domestic box office. The film reached its latest milestone with $2.9M yesterday, putting its domestic total at $601.4M. Infinity War achieved this in 26 days, faster than any film except Star Wars: The Force Awakens (12 days).

Avengers: Infinity War is the second consecutive Marvel Studios’ film to top $600M in North America. Black Panther, still in theaters despite being available at home, has earned $698M, a figure Infinity War is not expected to catch. Marvel has one more $600M domestic release, 2012’s The Avengers ($623.4M).

Infinity War is already the highest-grossing Marvel Studios (and superhero-based) film worldwide by over $300M. The film has earned over $1.84B now and is working its way toward $2B.

SOURCE: Deadline