Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to play the classic villain Mysterio in Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. This is great, but surprising news that also comes with a bit of irony.

Gyllenhaal was once set to play Spider-Man. When it once looked like Tobey Maguire was going to have to sit out Spider-Man 2 due to a back injury, Gyllenhaal was prepared to step in. Ultimately, Maguire was okay and Gyllenhaal was not needed for the 2004 film.

Gyllenhaal has also been rumored for the past several months to be a top choice for director Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, should Ben Affleck not reprise the role. Of course, playing Mysterio for Marvel Studios in a movie that shoots this summer would not prevent Gyllenhaal from being a new Dark Knight since Matt Reeves will not be ready to shoot this year.

Mysterio first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #13 in 1964. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. His real name is Quentin Beck, though other characters have used the Mysterio identity over the years.

Marvel Studios will probably stick with the original version. Mysterio is known for the iconic “fish bowl” covering his head and his use of special effects to commit elaborate crimes. He uses that same knowledge to defend himself against, or set traps for Spider-Man.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has said on multiple occasions that they would likely favor villains that have not been on the big screen over those audiences have already seen. Mysterio is one of the top fan favorites among the group of Spidey rogues that have never been adapted for the silver screen, so this is really terrific news.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter