Hasbro’s Marvel Legends figures are often among the standout collectible lines for any Marvel movie and the first wave of Avengers: Infinity War are no different. Hasbro sent us the entire set to photograph and review for you. Chances are, you’ve already picked up at least a few of these, but after seeing the Thanos build-a-figure, you’ll want to complete the set.

The set includes four figures lifted directly from the film: Iron Man (Mark 50 armor), Iron Spider, Captain America (with beard) and Proxima Midnight.

Iron Man looks terrific in his bleeding edge Mark 50 armor. It’s one of the best Iron Man figures Hasbro has ever done and yet Tony Stark may regret giving Peter Parker an upgrade because the Iron Spider figure is even better! All of the Marvel Legends figures for Spider-Man: Homecoming were, appropriately enough, spectacular last year and this Iron Spire piece will fit nicely alongside them.

Proxima Midnight represents the Children of Thanos quite well with her action figure. It’s a really awesome piece and probably my favorite of the entire set. She actually looks better here than she does in the actual movie. Captain America, on the other hand, continues to be an issue for the Marvel Legends line. The costume looks great, but Hasbro still hasn’t captured a very good likeness of Chris Evans.

Taskmaster, Serpent Society, and Songbird round out the set as the Marvel Comics representatives. There are always a few in each Legends set and you need them if you want to build Thanos. Thankfully, they all look cool and are worth having, especially Taskmaster. He’s always had a great design in the comics and Hasbro captures it perfectly.

Once you have all of the figures, though you don’t technically need Iron Man since he doesn’t come with a piece of The Mad Titan, you’re ready to build Thanos. You’ll be happy once the figure is complete and I certainly was. The Infinity Gauntlet looks terrific, as does the rest of the figure. The shade of purple is a little too dark compared to what we see in the film and it does obscure the features on his face a bit, but that’s just me nitpicking. This is an awesome figure!

Overall, Hasbro did what they usually do by delivering an outstanding lineup of Marvel Legends action figures. I can’t wait to see the next wave from Avengers: Infinity War, which will also include the title characters from Ant-Man and the Wasp!