The Indominus rex was no match for The Mad Titan. Avengers: Infinity War ($1.69B) passed Jurassic World ($1.67B) at the worldwide box office yesterday. That puts Infinity War in fourth place on the all-time global rankings.

Today’s earnings will place Avengers: Infinity War above $1.7B as it heads into its fourth weekend of release (but just its second weekend in China). Next up on the worldwide charts is Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.07B). To unseat Star Wars for third place Infinity War will need stay strong against a much more competitive landscape with Deadpool 2 hitting theaters this week and Solo: A Star Wars Story doing the same next week.

At this point, however, the story of Infinity War‘s box office is how much icing goes on the cake, which was already baked to perfection. Avengers: Infinity War is well out in front as Marvel Studios’ top worldwide performer and also the highest-grossing film ever based on comic book superheroes.

SOURCE: Exhibitor Relations