Avengers: Infinity War is going to make a lot of money this weekend, but audiences still have cash set aside for Deadpool 2. The highly-anticipated sequel hit the tracking boards this week and is on pace to earn $150M in its first three days at the domestic box office.

That would make for a nice bump over the first film’s $132.4M in February 2016. Fox has been pushing the movie very hard with new trailers released in February, March, and April. I could’ve done just fine with seeing less of the film, but the marketing blitz is working well with general audiences.

The “worst case scenario” for Deadpool 2 is a $100M opening. That would not be a failure, but it would be a concerning drop from the first film. It would not bode well for the X-Force movie, which will be the next chapter for Reynolds’ Deadpool and is planned to be in production later this year.

But we’ll worry about that issue only if it comes to fruition. It looks like Deadpool 2 is going to have a great opening weekend, so as long as the movie is good, the franchise will be in fantastic shape.

SOURCE: Deadline