Hot Toys continues to reveal their fantastic product line for Avengers: Infinity War with their sixth scale Captain America/Steve Rogers figure. This bearded edition will look nice right alongside any previous Cap figures you may have.

Hot Toys did not show everything that comes with the figure, however, teasing a mystery weapon that will be revealed later. There will also be a “Movie Promo Edition” of the figure that comes with a display stand featuring a vanquished Outrider and “an additional Exclusive Mystery Weapon” that will be unveiled after the movie is released.

What could these mystery weapons be? Perhaps they have something to do with Infinity Stones, or maybe one of the weapons is Cap’s iconic shield (if Tony Stark gives it back to him).

You can see both versions of the figure in the galleries below, along with links to pre-order.

Regular edition

Movie Promo edition

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters April 27.