HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 20: Stan Lee attends the Premiere of Disney and Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange" on October 20, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Marvel legend Stan Lee is in trouble. The past few months have been filled with rumors and reports about his deteriorating domestic situation and the adverse affect it has had on its health. In a new, highly-detailed report from The Hollywood Reporter, however, Stan Lee appears to be the victim of far more abuse and coercion than anyone has previously imagined.

THR obtained a February 13, 2018 document in which Lee describes the history of his relationship with his 67-year-old daughter, J.C., and how their already difficult relationship is being preyed upon by three men–Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez, Keya Morgan and J.C.’s attorney, Kirk Schenck–looking to influence J.C. for their own gain.

In the document, Lee says the end goal for these three men have formed a relationship with J.C. is “gain control over my assets, property and money.” The document was notarized, meaning a licensed person witnessed Lee sign it. The declaration was signed in the office of Lee’s now former attorney, Tom Lallas.

Lee and his late wife Joan established a trust for J.C. to protect her from her own overspending and inability to support herself. THR reports that Joan was more successful than Stan at handling J.C.. though even that claim sounds relative.

THR also reports of an alleged incident in which J.C. physically assaulted both Stan and Joan because they leased a car in Stan’s name that she though had been purchased for her outright . The incident took place in 2014 and the wounds sustained by Stan and Joan, including a contusion on Stan’s head, were photographed by Lee’s former business manager Bradley J. Herman. Those photos were obtained by THR, though J.C. has always denied any assault.

Over the past few months, Lee has been cut off from longtime assistants, caregivers, and others who’ve previously protected his interests (including Lallas, who was removed as Lee’s attorney days after the February 13 document was signed). Lee’s phone number has been changed and Keya Morgan, one of the individuals named in the document, has allegedly been monitoring all of Lee’s emails.

Herman summed up how bad the situation is in a statement to THR.

“I’m on the verge of tears, because it breaks my heart to see somebody that I love being effectively held prisoner. He finds himself in need of a superhero himself.”

After learning about THR’s possession of the document, Morgan sent THR a pair of videos just a couple days ago in which Lee distances himself from the declarations he previously made and signed. Given that Morgan, who was called out as untrustworthy in the document, has sent these videos without the presence of any independent counsel for Lee, it’s not difficult to imagine that Lee has perhaps been coerced into issuing denials to his own previous claims.

This entire situation sounds tragic and horrifying. Stan Lee deserves better than the treatment he is reportedly enduring and I hope THR’s article, which you can read in full at the link below, prompts an immediate investigation by law enforcement, or at least by an independent third party.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter