John Boyega has heard fans’ attempts to cast him in a Blade reboot, but he’s not interested. Boyega told fans at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. yesterday that the role still belongs to Wesley Snipes. Boyega considers him, or anyone else taking the role a “spit in the face” to Snipes.

Boyega has, however, met with Marvel Studios for another role.

According to Bounding into Comics, Boyega told the crowd at his Awesome Con panel yesterday that he has met with Marvel Studios regarding a superhero role. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is a regular at Star Wars red carpet premieres, so there’s no doubt he’s very familiar with and probably a big fan of Boyega.

Conversations at those premieres and after parties may have led to a more formal meeting, but Boyega cautions that if anything ever happens between he and Marvel Studios, it will be a ways off. He has to go shoot Star Wars: Episode IX, which begins principal photography in July, before he can commit to another major franchise.

There are many characters Boyega could play besides Blade, though I disagree that there would be any slight at all to Snipes for another actor to take the role. Many superheroes have been recast over the years and it’s just part of keeping the characters going, not unlike the tradition of swapping out writers and artists in the comics.

Even though Boyega apparently said “superhero role,” he does not necessarily have to be a protagonist. Any role in a Marvel Studios movie, even a villain, qualifies as a “superhero role” by loose definition. There are plenty of options and I would just be excited to have Boyega in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any capacity!

Besides Blade, what role do you want to see John Boyega play in the MCU? Let me know in the comments!

SOURCE: Bounding into Comics